For almost two decades, Northern Air Systems has provided the highest quality air conditioning systems for Mobile Medical, Television Broadcast, Aviation, Law Enforcement, Marine, Oil, Gas, Hazardous Locations, Chemical, Military, Homeland Security and many other custom applications. We are proud to be the #1 industry leader when it comes to explosion proof HVAC and many other specialty needs.

Our Applications


  • Pre-Conditioned Air Systems
  • Mobile & Cart Mounts
  • Jet Bridge Mounts
  • Full Ground Support Cooling
  • Generator Equipped Systems
  • Commercial & Military Aviation


  • Analyzer Houses
  • Battery Rooms
  • Explosion Proof Needs


  • Mobile Housing Cooling
  • Stationary Housing Cooling
  • Aviation Cooling
  • Military ECU’s
  • Military Berthing Houses
  • Satellite Communications Systems

Mobile Broadcast

  • Mobile Production Units
  • TV Broadcast Trailers

Mobile Medical

  • MRI
  • PET/CT
  • Surgical

Mobile Command

  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement

Offshore & Onshore

  • Living Quarters
  • Blast Proof Buildings
  • Safe Houses
  • Drillers Cabins
  • VFD Houses
  • MCC Control Rooms (Motor Control Centers)
  • Remote Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Power Distribution Centers
  • Explosion Proof Needs

Northern Air Products

Our products include Wall Mounts, Roof Mounts, Mobile Units, Skid Mounts, Ruggedized Window Units, Modified Units, Split Systems, Chillers, and Wireless Guardian Monitoring. We supply our HVAC units in many different areas and industries such as Explosion Proof Needs, Aviation (Pre-Conditioned Air), Mobile TV Broadcast, Mobile Specialty, Military, Homeland Security, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Hazardous Locations, Onshore & Offshore.

More Info


Northern Air has the highest quality air conditioning I have seen in this industry.

P Mortensen

( Electrical Superintendent )

Northern Air built their business around mission critical applications. So when they came to us, they inherently understood the unique nature of our business and that is why they have become our A/C partner of choice.

D Noethlich

( Director of Marketing )

Interacting with our Northern Air guys is always a pleasure. They have a very knowledgeable staff and are always professional and polite. Keep up the good work guys.

J Vellier

( Service Sales Executive )

We are very happy that Northern Air is part of our products and an integral part of our team.

S Turner

( Director of Operations )

Fantastic, top of the line, quality equipment with impeccable service. I'm a customer for life I'm sure of it. Thanks Northern Air for the outstanding service. In my 25 years in the petro chemical industry, having installed literally thousands of electrically classified HVAC equipment by many different manufacturers Northern Air Systems stands heads above them all.

V Gregory

( Production Manager )