Wireless Guardian

Wireless Guardian Monitoring Service

Wireless Guardian

Protect your investment and keep your finger on the pulse of your system!
Tradional monitoring of your system used to involve on-site, scheduled inspection of equipment. When equipment failure occurred, onsite personnel would telephone a service company to dispatch a technician to the site for needed maintenance. The notification system could be fraught with delays or a misdiagnosis, increasing costs and downtime. The Wireless Guardian  Online Monitoring  changes all that. Now notification is rapid, accurate and direct. No need for on site personnel.

  • Robust Online Tool!

    As an online tool, the Wireless Guardian offers a 24-hour overview of your system, from temperature variations to battery life.  You can access daily reports from your internet enabled device that include:

    • Past 24-hours of activity
    • High and low temperatures
    • System run time
    • Battery condition
    • Signal strength
    • Prior unresolved reports
    • Real time monitoring of set points & temperatures
    • 2-way communication allows you to change set points and reset alarms
    • Custom applications available with additional programming costs

  • Alert The Right People!

    Efficient, wireless communications alert the right people, right away. Through the internet, the Wireless Guardian sends reports and alert notifications through Northern Airs’ transceiver and server.  The custom message configuration feature allows you to distribute information to only those who need to know. For instance, a non-critical component needs to be replaced within the next two days. The system will send a message to the office to  schedule a routine replacement. In an urgent situation, the system will directly contact the technician with a service request for swift problem resolutions.

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