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Northern Air Systems wants to ensure proper system design for customer specific needs. It’s important that details are reviewed prior to installation. Placement and design of thermostats, duct work and air distribution devices can greatly affect the proficiency of the system.

The following items should be reviewed prior to installation:

  1. Thermostat sensor placement
    Incorrect thermostat placement creates issues such as uneven temperatures, short cycling and overall comfort issues. Thermostat placement consideration should include where high equipment loads are placed, air distribution diffusers, dead spots or outside air infiltration.
  2. Duct Systems
    There is a direct correlation between air distribution and the delivery of full air conditioning system capacity. A typical cooling system needs 350-450CFM worth of cooling. If duct design prevents full air delivery the system capacity can be greatly diminished to what the system can deliver. Other factors include velocity of air, internal pressure drop of system and noise.  Northern Air Systems at no charge to our customer will review the proposed distribution system for any projects.
  3. Ambient Design Conditions
    Most Northern Air Systems products are designed for extreme ambient temperature variations however; extreme cold or extreme heat can present additional design challenges and need to be considered when selecting equipment. Please ensure that Northern Air System Engineers are made aware of such conditions and needs.
  4. Power Requirements
    Many of our products are designed for worldwide use and can operate on different voltages, frequencies and 50-60 Hz. Special consideration may be needed for systems operating on generator power. It is extremely important to make sure proper generator selection has been made and Northern Air System Engineers are aware of this selection. Northern Air System recommends you provide us with the Load Data sheet for both generator and shore power to ensure trouble free operation.
  5. Shock and Vibration
    Northern Air System products are designed and built for over the road applications and can absorb shock and vibration more than standard off the shelf cooling systems. If product is going to be subjected to excessive shock and vibration please make our engineers aware.
  6. Corrosive Environments
    Northern Air Systems can provide many options for systems in corrosive environments such as salt, chemicals and offshore applications. To ensure proper longevity Northern Air Systems needs to be made aware of such conditions to provide proper metal construction and specialized coatings.
  7. Types of Equipment Loads
    Specialized applications can have varying heat loads that can rapidly increase or decrease. These types of loads generated by electrical equipment are called sensible load. Systems need to be designed with capacity control and higher air flows in order to properly maintain temperature and conditions. Please ensure special attention is given to these types of applications for proper operation.
  8. Humidity Control
    Many specialized applications require both tight temperature and humidity specifications. Design consideration need to include types of humidifiers and physical location of system usage. i.e.: applications in desert locations may have different requirements and needs then in extremely cold or tropical locations.
  9. Hazardous Location
    Northern Air Systems provides equipment for many hazardous location environment s. Certification such as: Class 1 Division 2, ATEX and IECEx present a constant challenge due to changing requirements worldwide. Extremely important to get specific requirements by authority having jurisdiction where equipment will be in use. Typically authorities having jurisdiction are the true enforcers of such standards and can have either lesser or more stringent requirements. Not having a full understanding of the requirements can be very costly and increase lead times for production.

This document merely points out the most common issues we have seen in the design of HVAC Systems. Northern Air Systems recommends final review by both end user and product where items are being utilized. Northern Air Systems will not be responsible for errors and admissions for final use of products we provide.